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Oct 8, 2011

True Love ♥

“He feeds his wife every morning when he visits her at the Nursing home. She hasn’t recognized him in five years due to her Alzheimers, when he was asked, “If she doesn’t know who you are, why do you go?” He smiled and said, “She doesn’t know who I am, but I know who she is!”

Source : seekthetruth-islam

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Ninie said... Reply Comment

ssh nak jmpe perkara yg sweet mcm ni dlm bdk2 muda skrg :'(

hajar_razak said... Reply Comment

baru rasa nak "like" . tapi xde lak "like" nye link . :)) ' hajar razak like this. ' =)

❤NazirahMoktar❤ said... Reply Comment


tau takpe..kt pon xtau jodoh kt nanti mcm mane,semoga dpt la yg baik

❤NazirahMoktar❤ said... Reply Comment

@shAzwAni sAmAn

sweet kan :) suke aku yg dah puluh2 tahun kawin cam ni

❤NazirahMoktar❤ said... Reply Comment


budak zaman skrg ni jarang yg serius..byk main je

❤NazirahMoktar❤ said... Reply Comment


button facebook tidak tibenarkan untuk entri..heheh..nak share kopy je link tu